Installing Qbics

Qbics is actaully NOT needed to be installed. We have provided compiled executables so no compilation is needed. Just download it from the official website:

The Windows and Linux version is a .zip and .tar.gz compressed package, respectively. Just decompress them, and Qbics is ready for use!

After decompression, you may get the following files:

|------ basis
|------ pseudopotential
|------ tools
|------ qbics-win/linux-cpu

qbics-win/linux-cpu is the qbics executable ready for use.

You can run qbics by using absolute path. On Windows:

$ D:\software\qbics\qbics-win-cpu water.inp > water.out

or on Linux:

$ /opt/qbics/qbics-linux-cpu water.inp > water.out

Of course, you can also put D:\software\qbics or /opt/qbics to PATH variable so you need not to type absolute path, but this is not mandated.